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We sell iTunes, Games cards Online, Cards are send via email to Customer Email ID
It few simple steps:
1. Select iTunes & Gift cards from the store you’d like to gift for your loved once from Smart device (Mobile / Tablet / Computer)
2. All gift cards delivery by via-Email less than 5 mins.
3. All Payment are secure using your Visa, Master Card, Amex or PayPal. 
After completing the payment Process, you should receive the invoice email. You card will be delivery within less than 5 minute. We delivery you gift cards – via email. If you don’t receive email Inbox, don’t hesitate to check the SPAM email or Junk Mail Folder, email maybe there.
Kindly, contact the Bank Customer support and PayPal.
Anyone who like to use US iTunes can shop at store, even if you don’t residences in USA, Our iTunes cards prefer to Overseas User. We will be delivery the gift cards instant Via – Email.
1. Log into your iTunes account and click on your account name
2. Choose the Redeem Code from the dropdown menu.
3. Enter the 16-digt code from the card image emailed to you, and click Redeem  (You will enable the Camera feature from your computer or mobile device and hold the attachment image up to your camera it can be scanned automotive)